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Item ID Description Price
001 Where and When $0.75

YAC Aluminum Coin $0.75
YBC Bronze Coin $1.75

B-01 Big Book (Hard Cover) $10.00
B-30 Big Book (Soft Cover) $9.60
B-16 Big Book (Large Print) $10.80
B-24 Big Book (Large Print) Abridged $6.00
B-35 Big Book (Pocket) $5.50
SB-30 Spanish Big Book (soft cover) $7.20

B-02 12/12 (Hard Cover) $9.40
B-15 12/12 (Soft Cover) $8.75
B-14 12/12 (Large Print) $9.40
B-17 12/12 (Pocket Size) $7.00

B-05 As Bill Sees It (Hard Cover) $9.50
B-18 As Bill Sees It (Soft Cover) $9.00
B-27 As Bill Sees It (Large Print) $9.00

B-03 A.A. Comes of Age $10.00
B-08 Dr. Bob and the Good Oldtimers $11.00
B-09 Pass it On $12.00
B-20 Experience Strength and Hope $6.00

B-19 Daily Reflections (Large Print) $11.25
B-12 Daily Reflections (Pocket) $10.75
B-06 Came to Believe $5.50
B-26 Came to Believe (Large Print) $5.50
B-07 Living Sober $5.50
B-25 Living Sober (Large Print) $5.50
B-13 AA In Prison $3.00

BM-31 AA Service Manual $5.00
BM-33 AA Service Manual (Large Print) $9.00
BM-32 Twelve Concepts for World Service $4.00

GV-06 Language of the Heart $15.00
GV-13 Thank You For Sharing $10.00
GV-14 Spiritual Awakenings $10.00
GV-15 The Home Group: Heartbeat of AA $10.00
GV-16 I Am Responsible: The Hand of AA $10.00
GV-17 Emotional Sobriety $10.00
GV-19 In Our Own Words $10.00
GV-20 Beginners Book $10.00
GV-21 Voice Of Long Time Sobriety $10.00
GV-22 A Rabbit Walks Into A Bar $10.00
GV-23 Spiritual Awakenings II $10.00
GV-25 Step By Step $10.00
GV-26 Emotional Sobriety II $10.00
GV-27 Young & Sober $10.00
GV-28 Into Action $10.00
GV-29 Happy, Joyous & Free $10.00
GV-30 One On One $10.00
GV-31 No Matter What: Dealing with Adversity in Sobriety $10.00
GV-32 Grapevine Daily Quote Book $10.00
GV-33 Sober & Out $10.00
GV-34 Forming True Partnerships $10.00
GV-35 Our Twelve Traditions $10.00
GV-36 AA Around The World $10.00
GV-37 Voices of Women in AA $10.00
GV-38 AA in the Military $10.00

M-08 Literature Rack $20.00
M-1 Guide for Leading Beginners Meetings $3.25
M-19 Window Shades $48.00
M-21 Responsibility Wallet Card $0.15
M-22 Anonymity Wallet Card $0.20
M-30 Meeting Sign $7.00
M-54 AA Pocket Folders $0.55
M-61 Anonymity Display Card $0.25

Item ID Description Price
P-01 This is AA $0.20
P-02 Frequently Asked Questions $0.45
P-03 Is AA for You $0.15
P-04 Young People in AA $0.35
P-05 AA for the Woman $0.35
P-06 Three Talks to Medical Societies $0.50
P-08 Twelve Concepts Illustrated $0.50
P-09 Memo to an Inmate $0.25
P-10 How It Works $0.20
P-11 AA Member Medications $0.30
P-12 Jack Alexander Article $0.30
P-13 Do You Think Your Different $0.35
P-15 Sponsorship $0.20
P-16 AA Group $0.35
P-17 AA Traditions How it Developed $0.35
P-18 Inside AA $0.15
P-19 GSR $0.15
P-20 Message to Correctional Professionals $0.20
P-21 AA for the Native American $0.45
P-22 Never Too Late $0.45
P-23 AA / Health Care $0.30
P-24 A Newcomer Asks $0.15
P-25 Members Of the Clergy $0.30
P-26 AA in Correctional Facilities $0.35
P-27 AA in Treatment Centers $0.35
P-28 Twelve Traditions $0.20
P-29 How AA Members Cooperate $0.50
P-30 Is There an Alcoholic in your Life $0.30
P-31 AA in Your Community $0.20
P-32 AA & the Gay/Lesbian Alcoholic $0.45
P-33 Sure Beats Sitting in a Cell $0.30
P-34 Let’s be Friendly with our Friends $0.20
P-35 Problems Other Than Alcohol $0.20
P-36 Is AA for Me $0.30
P-37 Too Young? $0.30
P-38 What Happened to Joe? $0.30
P-39 It Happened to Alice $0.30
P-40 Speaking at Non AA Meetings $0.35
P-41 Members Eye View Of AA $0.30
P-42 A Brief Guide to AA $0.20
P-43 Twelve Traditions Illustrated $0.50
P-44 AA’s Legacy of Service $0.30
P-45 Circles of Love and Service $0.15
P-46 If You are a Professional $0.30
P-47 Understanding Anonymity $0.30
P-49 Bridging the Gap $0.30
P-50 AA and the Armed Services $0.50
P-51 AA for the Black/African American $0.45
P-52 AA Grapevine Pamphlet $0.30
P-53 Co-Founders of AA $0.35
P-54 Alcoholic in the Workplace $0.15
P-55 Twelve Steps Illustrated $0.35
P-83 Accessibility for All Alcoholics $0.45
P-84 Many Paths to Spirituality $0.35
674020 Acceptance Pamphlet $1.50
BP-64 Literature Packet (105 asst’d) $25.00

SF-42 Self Support Card- Spanish $0.00
SP-1 This is AA – Spanish $0.20
SP-15 Sponsorship Q&A- Spanish $0.20
SP-2 Freq. Asked Questions – Spanish $0.30
SP-24 A Newcomer Asks- Spanish $0.15
SP-3 Is AA for You – Spanish $0.15

Free Pamphlets/Cards
Item ID Description Price
F-1 AA At a Glance $0.00
F-107 Serving AA’s With Special Need $0.00
F-12 Your District Committee Member $0.00
F-17 Primary Purpose Card $0.00
F-19 Self Support Packet $0.00
F-2 Info on AA $0.00
F-211 Safety Card for AA Groups $0.00
F-3 Self Support- Money & Spirituality $0.00
F-33 Service Material List $0.00
F-4 Where Do I Go From Here $0.00
F-42 Self Support Card $0.00
F-5 Carrying Message into Corrections $0.00
F-6 Your GSO $0.00
F-8 Problems Other Than Alcohol $0.00
F-9 A Message to Teenagers $0.00
F-96 The AA Group Treasurer $0.00